Frequently Asked Questions

  • - For appointments, you can access the video conference through a browser on your PC or Android or iPhone mobile devices. You can also use the Mindwell mobile application.
  • - Compatible browsers for our video conferencing systems on Android are Chrome and Firefox, on iOS it's Safari, and on PC they are Chrome and Firefox. Certain versions of Firefox may not work, so please try with Google Chrome if you have any problems.
  • - When accessing, you must allow your browser to access the camera and microphone of your device, so you must accept when prompted. If you use the mobile app, you must grant permissions to the application when you install it.
  • - If you have any problems, try refreshing the page and re-entering the video conference. If the problem persists, please try another browser. If the problem continues, contact us at

At Mindwell, we offer two plans: a weekly plan for 31.7 USD, which includes a 45-minute video call session, and a monthly plan of 4 sessions, each for 26.25 USD. Both plans include access to a private chat with your therapist.

With both plans, you can use your sessions whenever you want, it is not necessary to use them within the period of the plan.

You can pay through the PayPal platform. In addition, you can pay using credit cards and vouchers at OXXO (in these cases our payments use the secure payment system provided by Stripe).

All psychologists on Mindwell are professionals with a degree from an accredited educational institution. In addition, Mindwell reviews the background of each psychologist to evaluate their acceptance on the platform. Each registered psychologist is asked to provide a certificate of their degree from a certified institution and a certificate of their background. Furthermore, information about each psychologist's education is provided in their profile section.